Tiny's Coffee - Art Show Guidelines & Disclosure

  • Artwork must be "gallery ready", meaning framed or mounted in a professional manner.
  • Artwork must be hung from the molding. Nailing and/or taping to the wall is not permitted.
  • Tiny's will provide wire, molding hooks and tools for hanging. Any additional needs/items the artist will need to bring.
  • The artist is responsible for all installation and removal of artwork. The Tiny's curator will be on hand to aid in both if assistance in necessary - such as lifting large pieces, holding a ladder, feedback on placement/leveling, emotional support, etc.
  • The artist is responsible for sales of artwork, as tiny's does not take any commission. Therefore, it is suggested that the artist posts a statement with contact info and/or leave business cards for the Tiny's staff to refer sales inquiries. It is also suggested that info tags be posted with each piece, including title and price if you intend to sell.
  • The artist will schedule and attend an art opening or closing reception event hosted at Tiny's. Having fun at said event is optional, but highly encouraged as it is a great opportunity to show off all the amazing work done.
  • Tiny's is not responsible for any damage to artwork while it is on our premises.

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